Beach to Beacon 20th Running–10K Road Race Poster
Created poster concepts for Beach to Beacon 20th Running–10K Road Race. Fortunate to be able to interview Joan Benoit Samuelson, first ever women's Olympic marathon champion, and her team, gaining valuable information to create the poster concept for the 2017 race. Concept one was based on the diversity and numbers of people I saw in the photos of the race. Seeing only circular swatches of color I immediately went to watercolor to create the main design. It was chosen by Samuelson and utilized for the commemorative poster. The design was then deconstructed for t–shirts and marketing materials. Concept two below, was based on the gorgeous Maine coast, using type to symbolize the course the runners would take.
The second poster was another variation for the Beach to Beacon Race featuring a picturesque photo of the shoreline of Cape Elizabeth with typography swirled amongst an imaginary route for the race symbolizing the race through the area of South Portland.
Student Work, 2016
18” w x 24” h
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