Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Posters (Set of Three)
Created concept posters for Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. The goal was to use photography by Andrew Eccles, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Photographer. In an effort to create something fresh with Eccles’ photography, I used an Epson photocopier to create multiple exposures from Eccles' imagery. Using different passes on the same image and various single color and duo-tone selections, came up with a result that was something new and vibrant. It took the original photography and seemed to come to life creating movement on the page.
Student Work, 2016
Experimental photocopying
Ink Jet on Matte Paper
18” w x 24” h
Alvin Ailey Process Book 
After making many experiments with the photocopier in order to get the best images possible for the posters, I compiled all the different copies into a French folded book. The beauty and diversity of each photo compiled make it an engaging piece for the viewer.
Student Work, 2016
10.75” x 8
60 pages
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